What do you mean by an all-natural cleaner?

Average household cleaners today have about 62 harmful chemicals like Paraben, Phosphates or Chlorides. A lot of them come from multipurpose cleaners.

CARE all-natural cleaners, on the other hand, use natural ingredients like orange peel extract & vinegar. It leaves a mild and pleasant fragrance after use. The formula is free from all harmful chemicals & toxins. It is pH-neutral, which means that it is gentle on your skin as well as the surface on which you use it.

I’m not sure if I should really switch.

We know, it can be hard to change a habit. But as they say, if you do something 21 days in a row, you develop a habit. We suggest you start with the Starter kit and try it for a month. If you like how you feel, you can always come back for more 🙂

How’s CARE cleaner safe for my kid?

Chemicals used in regular cleaners can cause skin irritation and even throat and lung problems when inhaled in large amounts. By choosing CARE cleaners, you are building a chemical-free and a CARE-ing home for your loved ones. Don’t worry about your little champion or angel catching any germs or skin irritants. After all, the floor and the home at large, is a child’s first playground.

Why do CARE products cost more than the chemical cleaner I’m using now?

If you look at it, chemical cleaners pollute our water bodies – a cost that doesn’t feature on their labels and a cost that you’re not paying for, right now. In CARE cleaners, on the other hand, we have taken care to ensure that we make biological enzymes that do the same work as the chemicals in your cleaner but don’t pollute our water bodies. The way we see it, this extra cost is the cost that we are lifting off of our Mother Earth and bearing it ourselves to keep the planet clean.

Not to mention, all the research that goes into identifying natural solutions that work as you’ll like them. All of that work has been done for chemical-based cleaners. Another fact of the matter is that chemical cleaners are made by large multi-national companies, in large factories, where you can achieve the word that every manager loves – Economies of Scale. Natural cleaners, including CARE, are made in much smaller batches and cost of producing one such batch is usually high.

If you still feel you will like a better deal, take a look at the cleaning kits we have made for you. We incur less cost in shipping and selling cleaning kits vs individual cleaners, and we can pass on those benefits to you.

How can I track my Shipment?

You can drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll update you on your order status, often within minutes. We are working to set up a robust tracking system that can work more seamlessly than this. Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy talking to us while we get the products to your doorstep.

What parts of India do you ship to?

We ship all across India through our network of shipping partners, including Shadowfax, Shiprocket, TrackOn, First Flight and many more. It takes more time to deliver to some places than others (understandably enough), but there is no place in this wonderful country of ours that we don’t ship to 🙂

There’s an issue with my shipment. What do I do?

We try to make sure that you receive the products exactly like you ordered them. However, we aren’t perfect and there can be errors. In a few cases, we have heard from customers who received leaking bottles. We almost immediately replace those. Simply drop us a message on Facebook with an image and your replacement order will be on its way before the sun sets.

I have more questions.

Drop us a message on Facebook. It’s the fastest way for us to be in touch with one another, guess you’d agree. See you on the other side 🙂