CARE Freshener with Natural Fragrance | 400 ml

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Safe to Use: 
  • In home: Sofa-sets, Couches, Pillows, Carpets, and Yoga Mats.
  • On Fabrics: Curtains, Linens, Bed Sheets, Shower Curtains, upholstery
  • In Car: Car Seats, Dashboard


This Air Freshener comes from EKAM ECO Solutions, a pioneer in developing sustainable sanitation solutions that are ONE WITH EARTH. With every single order, you are saying no to Chemicals that seep out of our homes with wastewater and pollute the earth and water bodies.

The CARE formula has been developed in the lab by environmental scientists and tested in homes by parents for performance, including our own team. We created this amazing solution to deliver a zero stress, tension-free experience while cleaning all restroom surfaces.

The Air Freshener is a biologically advanced natural freshener for home interiors, restroom & public areas, laundry & locker rooms, fitness facilities. Inside homes, you can use it on couches, pillows, carpets, curtains, bed sheets, shower curtains, car seats, upholstery, linens and yoga mats. The freshener works best if sprayed directly on the surface.

The solution is non-toxic and biodegradable which means that it is safe to use it in any area of your home. The solution does not use any harmful chemicals like Paraben, phosphates, Chlorine, Bleach, Petroleum solvents or Synthetic Fragrances. Instead, the Air Freshener uses active enzymes and non-toxic micro-organisms. These are the most effective ingredients to deep clean pores of surfaces and act against persistent bad odor by removing the source itself.  

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 27 cm

15 reviews for CARE Freshener with Natural Fragrance | 400 ml

  1. Kedar Kulkarni

    Amazing product. Used it as a odor neutralizer for wet garbage.

  2. Paul

    Very good smell, as i m allergic to any well-known room freshners available in the market…even I didn’t face such problem with it. I strongly recommend this product to all, specially those who has the same problem.

  3. Tanushree

    Super fast delivery. It smells awesome. The best thing is that its organic and multipurpose product.

  4. Amandeep

    It’s organic and natural

  5. Sabyasachi

    Great product. A few sprays remove the most stubborn of odour in a jiffy.

  6. khamkar padmaja

    The fragrance is very mild and doesn’t feel like room freshener. Also the it lasts for around 20 minutes only.

  7. Harpreet Singh Kalra

    Good one


    Product is good

  9. Uday Batwal

    Its really good . having natural smell & remain for entire day . Spray on all corners of walls & windows . Its 100% value for money.

  10. Sumit

    Not so affected

  11. Deepak

    absolutely works – completely got rid of vomit smell. however, the fragrance is pretty strong – would be good if it was more neutral.

  12. Susant

    Product is supper

  13. Ajith

    Good strong scent in a good bottle. Not sure how much sfae the contents are. Use it where a strong perfume is needed. Good value for the price I picked it up for.

  14. Ashok

    Amazing products!!! I have used most of Care products and they are bio friendly and super effective. The freshner is the best must stay and aroma stays on very long especially if you spray it on curtains or upholstery!!!

  15. Geeta chaudhari (verified owner)

    Amazing product s. I have ordered all products. They are superb. Will continue using it. Recommend to switch to biodegradable products

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