CARE Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner | 400 ml


To Clean Hard Stains On:
  • Kitchen Chimney, Accessories & Counter Tops
  • Clothing, Linens, Carpets and Upholstery
  • Adhesives, Blood Stains, Ink, Paints, Grease, Tar & Food Spills
  • Glass Facade, Door, Window, Wall, Porcelain


This Multi-Purpose Cleaner comes from EKAM ECO Solutions, a pioneer in developing sustainable sanitation solutions that are ONE WITH EARTH. With every single order, you are saying no to Chemicals that seep out of our homes with wastewater and pollute our earth and water bodies.

The CARE formula has been developed in the lab by environmental scientists and tested in homes by parents for performance, including our own team. We created this amazing solution to deliver a zero stress, tension-free experience while cleaning all home surfaces.

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a 100% natural Cleaner made using Orange Oil, Vinegar and other natural ingredients.

The chemical cleaners are not safe for your kids or pets. They can irritate skin upon touch and can cause throat or lung problems if your loved ones are exposed to them for a long period of time.

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner’s 100% natural formula, on the other hand, guarantees that your children and pet can roam freely around the house and play on the floor endlessly without ever developing a skin rash or throat infection.

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a highly versatile and powerful cleaner. You can use it on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, high chairs, hardwood floors, car dashboards, blinds, laminate, chrome, furniture, granite, glass, grills, metal, painted surfaces, plastic, porcelain, ovens, quartz, sealed & unsealed stone, sinks, stainless steel, tables, toys, vinyl, walls, and any other solid surface. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner removes grass, grime, dirt, food, chewing gum, oil, mud, blood, sweat and hundreds of other stains and odors.

You can also use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner to wash clothing, fitness gear, linens, carpets, floor mats, curtains, sofa covers, pillowcases, sheets/bedding, car seats, cloth diapers, and other washable fabrics. It neatly cleans stains from ink stains, crayon marks, lipstick, food, grease, vegetable fat, soda, juice, tomato sauce, watermelon, red wine.

Directions for Best Uses:

1) For soft clothes, put 1 cap in 2L of lukewarm water and soak it
2) For soiled clothes, put 2 caps in 2L lukewarm of water and soak it
3) For soft stains, make a mixture of 5 caps of stain care in 2L lukewarm water
4) For grease, oils and hard stains, make a mixture of 10 caps of stain care in 2L lukewarm water
Check color fastness of the cloth before using

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 27 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you sell other CARE Cleaners if you have a Multipurpose Cleaner?

Each of the products we created have different formulations that can work for specific actions and purposes. Multipurpose is named such because it’s generally versatile across different parts of your home. You can use it to clean clothes in the laundry area, chimneys and countertops in kitchen areas, furniture, upholstery in the living area etc.

Now, it’s not an All-Purpose Cleaner, you see🙃. Stains, dirt or odor you want removed elsewhere – for instance on the floor, or in the bathroom are fundamentally different. That’s why we have different unique formulations for Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, and the rest of the products in the collection.

2. What’s the shelf life of CARE Multipurpose Cleaner?

The undiluted shelf life of CARE Multipurpose Cleaner is 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

3. Do we need to dilute the cleaner before using it?

Multipurpose Cleaner(1 Spray= 2ml)-
For kitchen chimney, kitchen slab, stove- 5-7 sprays per use.
For Fabric- 4 capfuls for full load, ~10ml per capful, works with all washing machines, 7-8kg per load.
For Utensils- Sponge 4-5 drops of multipurpose cleaner.

4. Do we need to wear gloves while using it?

There are different skin types and sensitivity. Every skin type can not be tested for allergies. Hence it is recommended to use gloves while using any cleaning products. The second technical reason for such a recommendation is that our skin is porous. While using any of such products it enters thru our skin in our body / blood stream. However organic and biodegradable material we use we will not like to have surfactants in our blood stream. So coconut oil, ghee, lotions are good to apply and handle by bare hands but not any such surfactants.

5. Can I drain the dirty water mixed with a multipurpose cleaner in my garden?

Certainly, you can as the multipurpose cleaner is completely biodegradable and the dilution is to the tune of 7-13% in water it will not harm your plants. Rather taking away from the core query the floor cleaned dirty water with SURFACE CARE (the floor cleaning solution) gives a boost to the growth of the plant as the bacteria in the solution helps in nitrogen-fixing and nutrient fixing at roots.