CARE Natural Toilet Cleaner | 400 ml


SAFE TO USE on all types of Sanitary Wares:
  • Wash Basins and Slabs
  • Showers, Taps, and Fittings
  • Ceramic Bowls, and Pans


This Toilet Cleaner comes from EKAM ECO Solutions, a pioneer in developing sustainable sanitation solutions that are ONE WITH EARTH. With every single order, you are saying no to Chemicals that seep out of our homes with wastewater and pollute the earth and water bodies.

The CARE formula has been developed in the lab by environmental scientists and tested in homes by parents for performance, including our own team. We created this amazing solution to deliver a zero stress, tension-free experience while cleaning all bathroom surfaces.

The Toilet Cleaner is completely biodegradable and dissolves in water. It leaves no residue behind, leaving your washroom surfaces healthy, hygienic and safe to touch.

The solution is non-toxic and biodegradable which means that it is safe to use it in any area of your home. The solution does not use any harmful chemicals like Paraben, phosphates, Chlorine, Bleach, Petroleum solvents or Synthetic Fragrances. Instead,The Toilet Cleaner uses active enzymes and non-toxic micro-organisms which are the most effective ingredients to remove and eliminate stains and odors. These ingredients quickly break down substances like soap scums, soap rings, uric salts, calcium deposits, and organic matter.

That means that instead of just wiping away the stains or fungal growth,The Toilet Cleaner breaks down those stains into oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon and prevents the disease-causing organisms to grow back again. The active enzymes and non-toxic micro-organisms further control odor emitted from bathroom receptacles and clean the surfaces very effectively.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 27 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Toilet Cleaner remove Hard-Water Stains?

The toilet cleaner can’t wash away the hard water stains by itself. But I have a traditional remedy that can help.

The stains due to the hard water are primarily caused by the complex salts of calcium, magnesium and sodium most of the time. They are highly abrasive resistant, don’t absorb much water and are mostly non-reactive. Any substance sticking to a surface like glass or ceramic needs a penetrant to dislodge it.

The traditional remedy that can help in this case is Vinegar + Baking Soda. Make a mixture of strong vinegar and baking soda in a small bottle, spray it on the toilet bowl, brush the surface hard, then spray the mixture again and leave it overnight. This will penetrate thru the hard water stains and the next day you can just brush and flush it out.

Will love to hear if this worked out for you. Let us know 🙂

2. What’s the difference between CARE Toilet Cleaner and CARE Floor Cleaner?

Besides the obvious difference in their application area, the formulation for both of the products varies. The dirt / stains on bathroom toilets stick because of a different mechanism than the dirt / stains on the house floor. Naturally, the enzymes needed to break that down are different.

We curate a specific enzymatic culture for each product you see in the kit.

3. Is it safe to use in septic tanks?

Before answering this question directly, we would like to first get into a small technical description.

We’re making following considerations for the discussion
We are discussing septic tanks for the household applications here
One has both option a septic tank and a sewer line to choose from
One is concerned about not contaminating the local water bodies like lakes, rivers and sea with his contribution of wastewater.
Water from all household utilities is going down the same drain viz bathing, toilets, kitchen, cloth washing, utensil cleaning and other water usages if any
Statistical consideration after a large cross-section study shows average usage of water per person per day is about 120 litres as a contribution to the wastewater drain. So if we consider a home with 4 people one house generates about ~500 litres of wastewater per day. And hence with a standard philosophy of ANaerobic septic tank design, each home will need as small as 1500 litres septic tank.

But if we move to a central processing system with an STP say for a small community area of 4000-5000 people the same requirement goes up to 1500 KiloLitre with a lot of operational cost like pumps, compressors, filters etc. This at one level causes an extra monetary burden on the system as well if it is not run well the output of such a facility starts contaminating the local water bodies and the groundwater.

A well-constructed septic tank on the other hand saves all such contamination as well when at the smaller scale it becomes always cheaper and easier to maintain. To give a comparative example a big water tank is difficult to manage if we need hygienic water for drinking but same if we maintain small earthen pots in each home it is much easier to maintain and manage.

To a better utilisation happens when you use this septic tank output water for farming, gardening, landscaping etc because it has no foul smell, the water is highly nutrient you can experience a better yield. This kind of model works best in the countryside (non-metros and non-big cities where the individual home population is more than multiple hose societies) areas which for Indian scenario is more than 80% of the population.

We have done this for a society in Mumbai having 143 flats and they are satisfied with the results 🙂

4. Can we clean the bathroom floor with CARE Toilet Cleaner?

Yes, you can. Provided you do not have marble or granite flooring for the bathroom. The Restroom CARE may stain the granite or marble substrate. But for the vitrified tiles and other surfaces the Restroom CARE can work really well.

5. What’s the shelf life of CARE Toilet Cleaner?

The undiluted shelf life of CARE Toilet Cleaner is 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

6. How much quantity should we use?

Toilet Cleaner(1 Spray= 2ml)-
For Western Pans- 10 ml per usage
For Indian Pans- 15 ml per usage
For Wash Basins- 10 ml per usage
For Shower, Taps- 5ml per usage. Scrub with a hard scrubber and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.