Stay Healthy, Stay Safe Kit

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Ekam turned 7 in May 2020. This is an anniversary special 🙂

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The toxic chemicals in our household cleaners emit compounds that seriously affect our immune system. On the other hand, when we use products that clean our homes sustainably, everyone wins. Your family, your pets, and pretty much the whole city. This is what inspires us to take even larger leaps.

The Stay Healthy, Stay Safe Kit features the two new products we have launched this summer – a hand wash, and a fruit and vegetable wash. These two all-natural, safe wash are specially formulated to keep your worries away. It’s completely safe, made up of natural extracts of Haldi, Tulsi and neem, and leaves no smell after cleaning. The product is made with lots of love and care by the self-help women’s group whom we work with.

The Toilet Cleaner is a biologically advanced natural deep cleaner for all types of sanitary wares, including wash basins, showers, taps, slabs, fittings, ceramic bowls, and pans.

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a highly versatile and powerful cleaner. You can use it to clean fabric stains, on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, high chairs, hardwood floors, car dashboards, blinds, laminate, chrome, furniture, granite, glass, grills, metal, painted surfaces, plastic, porcelain, ovens, quartz, sealed & unsealed stone, sinks, stainless steel, tables, toys, vinyl, walls, and any other solid surface.

The Floor Cleaner is a natural Degreaser, Cleaner and Odor Controller that you can use for deep cleaning, sanitizing and odor control features. Surface Care is very useful for hard surfaces like Shiny Floor Surfaces, Polished Granite and Marble, Glass & Mirrors, Bathroom and Household fixtures, Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks, Drains and Garbage areas.

All solutions use active enzymes and non-toxic microorganisms that are the most effective ingredients to clean surfaces and act against persistent bad odor by removing the source itself.